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I am Pettigrew for short term rehabilitation and I just want to say that this is where I have received the best care from the most professional, compassionate people I have ever met. Everyone here cares about my well-being and gives me the best treatment I could possibly get. They make this experience a joy, as well as, a learning experience. I would encourage anyone to come here for their rehabilitation. You won't regret it!
Peggy St. Pierre
Gloria at the front desk is really helpful as well as Pam one of the aides/nurses
Tony Mwalali
Receptionist was very polite the help was nice also.
Rosa Dash
Great staff and the facility was clean.
Ronald McCoy
Some family members and I came to visit my aunt during thanksgiving all the way from Colorado. The staff here were very helpful and nice with helping us throughout the visit. We were even able to eat together which we thought would be impossible due to Covid restrictions but they made it work! The receptionist Q was amazing! She answered all 10,000 of our questions (lol) and brought us anything we needed. It’s nice to see a great, caring, facility during these times. Great job Pettigrew Rehabilitation Center!
Alex Watery
As a vendor, I was impressed. The staff was so helpful with assisting me the the task and facilitating the needs of the residents. Kudos Pettigrew Rehab team. Makes my job so much easier.
Travella Sellers-Wilkins
My stay at this facility was a very good experience!!! They were attentive, professional and caring! The CNA'S were awesome! Physical and occupational therapist dept are awesome too!
Ms Liz Johnson
My visit was conducted in a professional manner and was very pleasant and enjoyable. Great job!
Lawrence Stauch
The entire staff has taken excellent care of my mother on several post-hospital visits. She has also had the opportunity to do out patient therapy and the PT team has been fabulous with her. They are knowledgeable and patient and kind. I highly recommend Pettigrew.
Randi Kemmler
EXCELLENT! staff ,food,CLEANLINESS all above reproach. THE CROWN JEWEL? Rehab. All physical therapist are supubly trained and targeted my need perfectly. The beautifull patios, the upbeat staff all contributed to a fine 28 days.
Roy Overbeck
Warm and welcoming Facilty! A Great place to call your second home.
Jamila Robinson
In my many years at pettigrew I've experienced the most caring patient responsible staff and an amazing therapy team, i would truly recommend pettigrew rehabilitation
Gloria Walker
Pettigrew’s staff is extremely friendly, helpful, caring and responsive. The facility is always clean and residents well taken care of. They have an outstanding therapy team. If ever you call you’ll be greeted by a welcoming voice. I would highly recommend Pettigrew to all and any of my family and friends.
Kim Gaddy
I can honestly say that Pettigrew has the best nursing care to be provided in Durham. Our quality measure are 5 stars and have been through the entire pandemic, our nursing staff truly cares and our therapy staff is high energy. I am proud of the work being done at Pettigrew.
Stephanie Viverette
Staff here is caring and knowledgeable, administrative staff are very responsive. I would recommend Pettigrew to all my loved ones.
Terri Beaver
Pettigrew Healthcare is an amazing place. The staff works really hard to make you feel welcome and go out of their way to respond to your needs.
Sherry Pruitt
Facility has a truly caring staff, the make the most with what they are given especially during this tough year with covid. They have always treated me with respect and were prompt to answer any questions I had about policies or practices and I would highly recommend them for anyone with a rehab need. the therapy staff if young and highly motivated, well trained and friendly.
Durine Irie
The facility has great staff; provides great care and customer service to residents!
Michael McMorris
My wife has been at Pettigrew for a week. There are pros and cons. The cons are minor. If my family needs a skilled nursing facility again, we'll definitely use Pettigrew. Here are the cons. Facility is elderly, though it is kept clean. Food is average. WiFi is non-existent. Non of these "cons" should discourage you from using Pettigrew. The do a great job in the areas that are important. This place is kept spotlessly clean. My wife's room is kept clean and neat. The common areas of the facility are always clean. The nursing care is excellent, and it's excellent in the middle of the night and on weekends, as well as during normal business hours. We are very pleased with the skill and kindness of the staff. The physical therapy program is terrific. It's really helped my wife. They have a nice gym, well-equipped and modern. Pettigrew looks to be a well-run organization. The key staff positions are held by long-tenured employees. That's a big plus. I' recommend Pettigrew without reservation.
Stephen Hulme
I'm fairly new here but overall im VERY impressed with the care that the residents receive and how professional and knowledgeable management and staff are.The facility is an older facility and the house keeping staff work just as hard as the nursing staff to maintain an odor free facility.....
Shonia Norman
Pettigrew has the most caring staff. The staff from the administrative staff to the housekeeping staff, dietary and in between care about the residents. The atmosphere is calming and inviting... Awesome place
Angie Jones
Great facility! Very caring staff that provide excellent care.
Patricia Creech
I personally know so many of the wonderful staff at Pettigrew, so I know they are dedicated to providing the highest quality care with professional experienced clinicians and positive attitudes. If you’re looking for a facility with your goals of care in mind, look no further.
Christine Wendling
Pettigrew Rehabilation Center provides excellent care. The staff are so welcoming to everyone who visits. The nursing staff and rehab team are very helpful and caring to the residents they serve. The building is clean and free of odors. I would definitely recommend Pettigrew to my friends and family members for any future needs.
The staff was very knowledgeable about the care required and helped me tremendously when it came to navigating with the insurance company!! I highly recommend.
James Plassmeyer
My mom was a patient at this facility and she discharged last week, this facility provided excellent care. Her room was cleaned daily, bed was made every time I was there. They encouraged her when she did not want to participate in therapy. The REHAB DEPARTMENT IS AMAZING. I love The rehab department manager Lisa. They were humble,caring,supportive, as if she was their family. The administrative staff was approachable, and respondent to every concern or question that I had. I would recommend this facility to my family. Thank you Pettigrew and staff for being AMAZING during this time.
Sheila Wade
I have been working with Pettigrew for over three years now as a case manager at a local hospital. All of their staff goes above and beyond for their patients. I have toured the facility many times. Unlike most skilled nursing facilities this one is not malodorous. The residents appear to always be happy and cared for. I would be happy to have my loved one stay at this facility if needed.
William M. Brown
Mom has lived there for over 2 years. She is comfortable, content, and well cared for. We are very satisfied with the staff. The staff know her name and are very kind to her. The facility is not fancy, but it is well maintained, clean, attractive, and comfortable.
Jack Denniston
Awesome environment and caring staff.
Tineal Prince
For over two years, I worked closely with Pettigrew Rehab staff to collaboratively care for residents on Hospice Care. Through our partnership, the staff was outstanding in their response and collaboration for our shared patients. The health and well-being of residents at end-of-life was at the forefront of care for those staff with whom I worked.
Keri Burnette
What a great facility! Clean neat and full of friendly staff.
Michael Zomchek
My Father was there for over 6 months at the end of his life. The staff is caring and kind and obviously loved the residents. He was always clean and dressed and the communicated well when there were health concerns.
Corey Whittaker